Perfect Festival bliss balls

During the summer months I love spending most of my time outdoors. Picnics, forest walks, open air cinema  and festivals are always on top of my list. And since I cannot take my kitchen with me,   I always take heaps of food. Fresh fruit , vegetables and nuts are of course some of the easy regulars. For an extra energy boost, I like to take a energy balls. They are a delicious morning or afternoon snack and are always a winner with my friends.

There are so many variations of these little power truffles, be it with matcha and coconut or chocolate and orange for Christmas. This one is a summer special, I added some delicious apricots to the nut and date mix. They work a real treat. The only downside is that they are best eaten on the day.  Saying that, they are so delicious, so it’s not a problem at all.

30 g  dried apples- roughly chopped
60 g  dried apricots- roughly chopped – possibly leave out
60 g pitted dates- roughly chopped
40 g almonds or hazelnuts or macadamia
40 g pecan nuts
40 g walnuts
15 g coconut oil
a pinch of sea salt
1/2 vanilla pod, 1/2 tonka bean grated
1/2  tsp cinnamon – optional/ 4 cocoa beans

Coconut flakes or freeze dried raspberry dust to garnish

Method: Add the nuts and spices to a blender, blitz well, then add the roughly chopped dried fruit, mix again and towards the end add the coconut oil. Mix again until you get a nice crumbly but fine texture. Now take a dessert spoon take equal portion sizes and start forming the balls. I usually place them on a small tray lined with baking paper and put them in the fridge to set for about 30-60 minutes.

That’s where they keep best as well (around 7 days) and when you take a batch to a picnic or festival, it’s best to take them in a cooling box as the coconut oil melts easily in the heat.

Enjoy and have a fabulous festival season.