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I love being inspired eating out, mooching around farmers markets, exploring new books and  fellow foodie’s blogs.  Attending talks, cooking workshops and nutrition seminars is another way of getting creativity flowing. I hope the list of books, places and people, who inspired me most and changed the way I look at food and nutrition, will also be an inspiration to you.

Books :

Living Food – A Feast for Soil & Soul by Holistic Chef and Earth Nutritionist Daphne Lambert

Eat Nourish Glow by Nutritional Therapist (NT) Ameliea Freer

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Murray et Al

The Functional Nutrition Cookbook by NTs Lorraine Nicolle & Christine Bailey

The Gut Health Diet Plan by NT Christine Bailey

The Diet Myth by Professor Tim Spector

The Third Plate by Dan Barber

Fellow food bloggers and Food related sites & places

My favourite places to eat :  – South-Kensington & Borough Market