Irma’s Christmas Gift Ideas Special

Did you realise what day it is today- only 12 days until Christmas Eve !! I feel like I am slightly running out of time to get everything done one time, I still haven’t bought any presents yet and I don’t think I will have the courage to face this year’s Christmas shopping madness. I’d rather hide away on my sofa with a nice warming cup of tea and do some modern day online shopping.

In order to avoid having to return items that don’t fit my last minute Christmas gift solution is to buy experiences and some lovely handcrafted gifts, so here are my  top 5  ‘no stress ‘ Christmas gift ideas  – Enjoy !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGet some lovely handcrafted dishes from Carol at The Kabin Shop  Having spent her lifetime drawing, painting, making things and working as a make-up artist and illustrator, mostly  to commissioning  for numerous publications from Vogue to The Observer, Carol Morley started the Kabinshop in 2015 . Everything Carol makes is completely handmade, she doesn’t use a potters wheel and  nothing is slip cast, so every piece is unique or part of a small batch. What better special Christmas present to get ? Carol  also kindly provided the dishes for Irma’s Borscht Bourgignon, such beautifully crafted dishes, it was a pleasure eating from them after we had finished the shots for the post. Since everything is handmade and unique you will find that items sell out as well as mostly not get delivered with a next day delivery, but it is worth the wait for any of Carol’s handcrafted beautiful ceramics.

ottosilviajpgStart the New Year cool and relaxed with Otto & Silvia’s Restorative Yoga & Sound workshop
I have been going to Otto and Silvia’s Yoga and Sound sessions for over a year now and I can only say that it has really helped me to reach deep levels of relaxations and flexibility, I thought would not be possible. Restorative Yoga is one of the most relaxing and opening experiences you could have, add to it Sound Therapy and it makes a very unique experience! You will experience a deeply rejuvenating time where a restorative yoga practice led by Silvia is combined with the healing sounds of singing bowls, Voice and Drum played live by Otto. The aim is to open up by deeply relaxing on supported Yoga asana or postures (blankets, cushions, mats, blocks, bricks and belts are used to create a comfortable support), fully release tensions and let the sound cleanse and refresh the system. Silvia and Otto are husband and wife and have been applying integrated Sound and Yoga for many years to help nurture their family and touch many people with their unconditional love and depth of practice.

Processed with MOLDIVPamper yourself with a wonderful massage . Milena is a Holistic and Sports massage therapist offering bespoke massage treatments to help you alleviate muscular aches and pains often caused by postural habits and repetitive strain injuries. Benefits of a massage therapy go beyond simple relaxation, but stress is often the major factor causing havoc in our bodies. Melina’s massages have certainly saved my sanity and well being many times over the last few years, providing stress and tension relief as well as deep relaxation- so the perfect treat to yourself after the busy Christmas period.

la foto copy 22Get nutrition savvy with one of Irma’s Christmas Special packages. My Christmas special for you includes my Nutrition Pit Stop session and my  three and six month programs , which are then tailored to your goals and needs. If for example you have tried almost all diets around but still don’t seem to be able to maintain your ideal weight my ‘Weight loss program with benefits’ may be perfect for you.  During the program I will help you to explore and understand what your body needs and help  you look at food in an entirely new way. You are unlikely to feel deprived but rather empowered whilst finding that food becomes second nature instead of being a concern or obsession. I will help you get back in tune with your body, learn to fully listen and trust it . I will be there for you all the way and through coaching we will work together on reaching your goals in a way that works best for you.


Find balance and relaxation with Simi’s reflexology sessions. Simi can help you find your balance and promote relaxation and well-being by treating your feet. Reflexology has its origins in ancient times and has been used in China, Egypt, Greece, by native Americans. Feet represent the two halves of our body. Accordingly, the organs and systems are reflected in the feet as well, and can be treated with Reflexology. So, after you’ve emptied your sparklies on January the 1st and made your New Year Resolution which you are hoping to keep, you can think ahead and get this lovely gift to put your best foot forward in 2017.  Reflexology is great for children and teenagers, too. Parents may calm and soothe their crying babies with only a touch of hand, and they can do it anywhere, at any time and in any occasion. Even standing in a queue. Simi is planning some workshops for parents in the new year, so please get in touch with her for if you want to find out more.

I hope I have inspired you with my Christmas gift selection and recipes this month.

Happy Shopping and a merry pre-Christmas period.


Diana x