Deliciously fragrant Rosemary Latte

My new favourite winter morning drink is a Rosemary latte. There is no coffee involved here, just three simple ingredients : fresh organic rosemary, raw organic honey and unsweetened nut milk.  It is highly addictive, so be warned 🙂

The drink originates from Italy, where it is made with dairy milk and honey. Rosemary is a member of the mint family, the name means ‘ drew of the sea’,  for those who have been to the Mediterranean would have seen it growing by the ocean.  This lovely and robust herb has a delicious and distinct pine like, slightly pungent but sweet flavour. The tiny leaves are packed with volatile essential oils,  you only need to rub them between your fingers to release a wonderful aroma of wild rosemary. It always sets me off on a journey to the Spanish sea side, just amazing.

Rosemary has historically been used to enhance memory. Research has shown that this is due to the fact that rosemary increases the blood flow to the head and brain, which may have a positive impact on concentration. It is said that in ancient Greece students used to place rosemary in their hair during exam preparation. However, its abilities do not stop here, Rosemary has similar effects to his brother herb mint, in being full of several powerful antioxidant and aiding digestion, it has also shown to possibly reduce inflammation.

Extending the use of rosemary into the sweets and treats section adds an unusual twist of aroma that will wow your guests and their pallets, so give it a try.  Check out Irma’s chestnut pancakes with cashew & orange cream with rosemary drizzle for a flavour sensation experience.

Rosemary latte first though, and here is what you need:

1 small twig of organic rosemary (washed)
250ml nut milk ( I used coconut milk)
1/2 half a tsp of raw organic

Heat up the milk and rosemary in a sauce pan, keep stirring until it starts to steam, add honey to taste- done. I always leave the rosemary leaves in my latte for more flavour enhancement, but see how you go with your and what you prefer.  If you use sweetened milk, please do not add any honey. I always like to try the rosemary and nut milk mix before I add any honey, often I just have it without- simply delicious.