2014_09_16_diana123991Welcome to Irma Green !

My name is Diana, I am a qualified nutritionist and Foodie. I live and work as a nutrition consultant and content producer in Berlin at the moment. Before embarking on my food adventures l worked as a photo-shoot producer and agent to international fashion models, stylists and hair & make-up artists.

Despite having worked in the fabulous world of fashion, my real passion always was in food and everything surrounding it, from its healing and nurturing powers to the way it brings people together. I am a bit of a food nerd as well, as I like to make my own sauerkraut, sprouts and bread and ideally cook everything from scratch.  As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but I love it. It’s the place where I can relax and really get into the zone. Time just flies by and at the end there always is a new creation, small kitchen disasters included.

As much as I am passionate about good food and love eating it, I am interested in where it comes from and its impact on the environment. Needless to say, I hate throwing food away, some of my friends call me the ‘ Queen of leftovers’ as I try to use anything left over to make something new and equally delicious- check out Irma’s macaroons .

To live in line with our planet, I preferably chose seasonal and locally grown organic foods and limit my meat and fish consumption to once per week or less. I avoid using plastics and usually carry some kind of jar with food around. I also have a fab biodegradable bamboo coffee cup I take everywhere. I can highly recommend getting one. It’s not only a life saver for our growing coffee cup waste problem,  I get free coffees on a regular bases.  Along with my coffee cup a bunch of canvas bags are always traveling in my handbag. I buy loose fruit and vegetable where possible and leave any excess packaging at supermarkets, shops and stores.

A word on Irma Green.  She came to life when l was looking for a way to put into practice what l  was learning from my nutrition studies and food courses. You now might ask yourself, why ‘Irma Green’ ? Well, Irma is an old fashioned German name I’ve always loved ( I am German), and when I was brainstorming how to give all my nutrition knowledge and inspiration an identity, Irma Green just seemed to present herself, so I went with it.  She stands for always green and sustainable living, she is my healthy-eating, life-loving muse. Irma is me at my best and also stands for reconnecting with real food and nurturing oneself to get the most fun out of life.  So, now I am a little mission to awake the Irma in people l meet and work with, because I think everyone deserves a bit of Irma in their lives!

Thank you for reading and making delicious nutritious food!

Wishing you a great day!

Diana x

Diana Warrings DipION mBANT

Disclaimer: Please note that no advice issued on this website is intended to replace appropriate medical care.  If you are in any doubt about your health please consult your medical professional.

Photography by  http://arvedcolvin-smith.com/

  • Spectaclescoach

    Hey Diana, loving your website and in particular your beautiful photos of the food that you prepare. Congratulations!

  • DianaWarrings

    Hey John, thank you very much for the lovely comment, I am glad you like the site and photographs. There is more to come soon. Have a lovely day !

  • myriam

    Hi Irma I am in search of a small juicer with not too many parts to wash that is suitable for pure vegetable juice ( not a glass of foam which some juicers produce) any recommnedations?

    • DianaWarrings

      Hi Myriam, thanks for your message. l use a Kurvings Cold Press Juicer NS850-it’s not particularly small but it makes delicious juice, has a nut butter function and is quite easy to clean. The Kurvings Juicers are not cheap but there are different price ranges and l found it was well worth the investment. You can watch demonstration viedos on their website too (mykurvings.co.uk). I hope this helped and if you ever find a small good juicer, please let me know. Happy juicing! Diana @ irmagreen.com